Tournament Rules

This page describes the current tournament rules for official We Are Prophet tournaments.

Server & Client

Players have to participate in the tournament with the official game client version 2.6.0.x without modifications.

The server that has to be used for tournament games is EU Central.


During a qualification phase, all matches are played best of 3. This means, that the first player who wins two games, wins the entire match. For the first game, the first player in the bracket will open the game and thus start as orange prophet. For the second game, the other player will open the game, so teams are switched. If a third game is necessary, the teams are switched again. Possible match results are: 2-0, 2-1, 1-2 and 0-2.

The qualification phase is played in multiple rounds depending on the number of registered players. At the end of the qualification rounds, the 8 players with the best score advance to the playoffs.


During a playoff phase, all matches are played best of 5. This means, that the first player who wins three games, wins the entire match. The player who is first in the tournament bracket opens the first game and thus starts as orange prophet. Afterwards, players switch colors every game. Possible match results are: 3-0, 3-1, 3-2 and vice versa.

The grand final is played as a best of 7 match, but the player who advanced there from the winner bracket starts this match with 1-0. That means that the player from the winner bracket needs to win three games to secure the overall victory while the player from the loser bracket needs to win four games for overall victory. All other rules apply as before.


Please take screenshots of the result of all tournament game results using the F12 key. It is not required to upload those screenshots, but they will be helpful in case of disputes.


The game will not pause if one of the players disconnects. The player who didn’t disconnect is allowed to offer a rematch to the other player or continue to play the game.

Bugs and game crashes

Should you experience any bugs or game crashes, please contact the tournament admins. If you can, also provide screenshots of the situation that you have experienced. The tournament admins will then decide if the problem justifies a rematch of the game in question.