This page features some of the best prophet strategies to kick some low prophet’s ass!

OP Prophet Ball

Type:attack & defense
Used minions:all
Target minions:enemy minions

This common strategy for new players is done by selecting all of your units at once and sending them as one over the field. This strong force captures every enemy minion in a matter of seconds. However, its strength is also its weakest point. If your enemy manages to get his prophet in your Ball you will most likely lose all of your minions. Furthermore, it takes longer for you to capture areas to win the game! In most situations it is better to micro your units and swarm around the map to win fast and smoothly.

Granpa Tangle

Type:crowd control & defense
Used minions:at least one grandpa
Target minions:enemy prophet

If you have captured a gray (neutral) grandpa you know that this is easy, but once a grandpa has a conviction it takes very long to convince him again. This is where the Grandpa Tangle comes into play. Thanks to the higher speed of the Grandpa compared to the Prophet you can bind him easily and for a long time at a spot. This makes the enemy Prophet useless for that duration. While this happens you can gain map control or win big conversations taking place with your own prophet.

Catch her if I can  – or – The Singing Child

Used minions:little child + another minion
Target minions:gospel woman

Enemy gospel women are a pain in the ass. They are very strong in convincing and faster than several units, e.g. the Prophet. If the enemy prophet manages to convince a gospel woman in the early game, this can be game changing. This is where this strategy becomes handy.

What to do:

  1. Bring an attacking minion in position near the Gospel Woman
  2. Catch the Gospel Woman with the Child
  3. Join with the other unit and win the conversation

This seems to be easy but you have a lot of things to consider:

  1. Is another enemy minion nearby and can support the gospel woman?
  2. Is my other minion fast enough in the conversation before the gospel woman turns my child?
  3. Is it the right time to attack the gospel woman or should I attend more attractive targets?