Global Game Jam 2023

As you may know, We Are Prophet was created during the Global Game Jam 2014. In the spirit of the 2023 Global Game Jam theme Roots, the WAP devs decided to go back to their game jam roots and so we worked on some new features for the game:

Grey Prophet Mode

This new single player game mode features the grey prophet as a third faction. The grey prophet aims to neutralize the map and the beliefs brought to the people by the other prophets. When they meet an orange or blue minion, they will attempt to shatter their conviction. And when they enter a map tile dominated by one of the factions, they will try to neutralize the tile and the more they succeed, the more roots will grow on tile, eventually locking it from the other prophets forever.

Multiplayer Lobby System

To improve the tournament experience of WAP, we started to work on a lobby system which allows for a more convenient match setup, observers joining before a game starts and eventually also multi-game matches. As a side effect, players are now also able to reconnect to running games even after restarting their client.

Other changes

They grey prophet’s appearance hasn’t remained unnoticed in the world of WAP. Therefore, even if he isn’t present on the map, grey minions will still neutralize map tiles dominated by one of the factions, even if they can’t grow root and lock map tiles without him.

Last but not least, the conversion bars have been improved and look more appealing now and we have updated the game to run on Java 17.

How to get your hands on

The new features are still in beta state until we have made sure everything is complete, some open bugs have been tackled and the game runs smoothly. If you want to have a first look however, you can download the Windows beta client created during GGJ 2023.