We would like to introduce you to the minions from We Are Prophet:

the Prophet

the prophetLittle Child: “If you give me some candy I will join forces with you Gandalf!”

This is the core unit of the game. Every player starts with a Prophet. The Prophet can’t be convinced. He is the shining light of your conviction! But no one knows how old he is, he might be older than time itself and therefore he moves and speaks slowly. It may take time to win a conversation with him… but the win is for sure!

the Little Child

child_mixGrandpa: “Come to me you little %&”§$%&/ !!! In good old days… when I was a little child I would have gotten you!”

The little Child is by far the fastest minion in the game. Its high speed makes it a valuable part of your team. But be aware! Due to the Little Child’s lack of experience it is hard to convince someone with it. Furthermore sweets are a strong weapon against them and if once caught alone they can’t resist the dark sides cake.

the Young Men

young_man_mixLittle Child: “Dad? Why are you here? You are not MOMMY!!! I love her most!”

The Young Men is in the prime of his life. It is hard to outrun him, he has a solid capability of convincing people and furthermore you need some arguments to turn him to your side! Never underestimate this strong allrounder or he will turn you down!

the Gospel Woman

gospel_lady_mixProphet: “I need a chorus! Every good conviction has a chorus! So I need one to! *listining* Woooah, that sound is so sweet… oupps I nearly fell for it and became a Grey Prophet!”

The Gospel Woman loves to sing and as everyone knows music is one of the greatest gifts to human kind. When joining a conversation with the Gospel Woman she will easily sing you down and turn you into a true believer! So be careful, she is the strongest unit on the field when it comes to convincing. Unfortunately she has big bones and her mind always thinks about new songs. This makes her a bit slow and if attended by several units she could be easily convinced herself and will sing some new songs! So be careful with the mighty, singing Gospel Woman!

the Grandpa

old_man_mixYoung Men: “You stubborn old geezer! Why won’t you listen to me?”

The Grandpa is a great unit to control your enemy. Simply no one wants to talk to him. It is so hard to convince him and even though he is slow and not the best in convincing minions he is a solid part of your team and used by several of the best match wining strategies! So don’t miss him and get your Grandpa on the field of conversation before your enemy does it and talks you to death!